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A catastrophic disastrous clusterf@@k
Author: BasicLogic from United States
29 December 2016

Long-waited epic The Great Wall has finally hit screens in China。 The action adventure was helmed by superstar Chinese director Zhang Yimou, backed by Chinese-owned Hollywood studio Legendary, with a cast featuring Chinese A-listers as well as Matt Damon, making it the most expensive film ever made in China。


This film is the champion baddest film of 2016. I don't even how to describe it, because it's not an ordinary bad film, it's a joke! The absurdity of the Chinese movie industries has reached a critical level. The overly used CGI visual effects in it was not just bad but ugly. Director Zhang should be forced into retirement after this shameful product, and signed up Matt Damon was another blind decision, because such cast was totally unnecessary. The screen play was hollow, shallow, pointless, meaningless and pointless. The idea to use the Great Wall as the battlefield was another bad idea. it was just bad, bad, bad...so bad that my neck suffered a very painful sprain over my shoulder blades, because I couldn't help myself shaking my head uncontrollable. This film also transpired me from an die-hard Atheist to a God-believing person since I kept murmuring "OMG....OMG....this is so bad..." That's how bad this film is. I strongly suggest that you don't waste your money and time to learn how to lower your I.Q., just use the ticket fare to buy a triple-deck cheese burger with supersized French fries, that'd be your better and smarter choices.



It won’t be remembered as Zhang’s best film, but the director’s artistic touch is on display in his long panoramic sweeps and artful use of color。 Simultaneously futuristic and historic, the visual spectacle carries the film, while Zhang manages to include plenty of promised “Chinese elements”。

张艺谋(Zhang Yimou)制作了部分最地道的中国影视,例如《菊豆》和《大红灯笼高高挂》那样的传说剧情类影视,以及她的三部武侠片《豪杰》、《八面受敌》和《满城尽带黄金甲》。本次是张艺谋先生与好莱坞的壹遍大面积联合拍录,纵然算不算得上打响是毁誉参半,但本次联合拍片本人就很有看点。

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Chinese Film and YImou Zhang are both dead
Author: owdbkll
28 December 2016

《长城》不会被视为张艺谋制片人执导的最好影片,但那部电影以长日子的全景扫描以及对颜色的奇妙运用展现出张诒谋编剧的艺术风格。相同的时间,盛大的视觉场馆使那部影片既具有科学幻想性,又有着历史意义,而张艺谋(Zhang Yimou)监制也在电影中美妙地融合了多数他许诺过的“中中原人民共和国因素”。

在多少个队伍容貌之间,William(马特·达蒙)和托瓦尔(Pedro·Pascal)选拔向驻扎在长城的中中原人民共和国军队妥胁。事后察觉,另一支阵容是礼仪之邦红尘接在驻防的Smart军队。William参预林指挥官(景甜(英文名:Jing Tian))的人马,抵抗怪物,而其同伴托瓦尔只想解开他们的要命时代的新发明,火药之谜。

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

By its end, The Great Wall leaves you with the feeling that it must be a metaphor – after all, the Taotie were, according to legend, brought down by their own greed – but hazy about what exactly the moral is。 Is it a warning over rampant Chinese consumerism? A caution against marauding foreigners and invading foreign values? A reminder about the power of collectivism over individualism? Or is it really just a old romp between goodies and baddies?


现在定论还太早,老外眼中的长城。Today I am filled with despaired and pain to write this review: Chinese Film and YImou Zhang are both dead. After showed on Chinese Screen, The Great Wall has got unprecedented low Scores at Douban and Maoyan, the Chinese IMDb. However, it just rose up to a political level because it has the worst actress Tian Jing. Yesterday, People's Daily, the mouthpiece of central China, criticizing "low scores of The Great Wall is damaging film industry maliciously." And then Maoyan's marking system was prohibited. At the same time Douban and Maoyan were interviews by National Film Board. And producers hire online water armies want to redeem scores and comments. How ridiculous! It just happened in 2016!


张艺谋(Zhang Yimou)继续应用色彩理解美感。军队设有色彩编码的军装,以识别他们的本事和编辑。之后彩虹点亮了隧道和彩色玻璃塔镜头也是十分惊艳。影片一最早William和托瓦尔步向GreatWall关内从前,盛名的红石崖沙漠景色也令人向往。作者期待那一个是实景拍片,并不是在新西兰拍的。

Zhang was one of the best Director of China. Yet, After 2008 Beijing Olympic he became spokesperson of official and now he is becoming subservient to the capital. Big occasion and stars throughout all the film. We cannot see what he was good at----depicting characters' inner world and a tight compact structure. What we have seen were just video effects and various of famous stars in China no matter the terrible of acting skill level.

While the plot is straightforward and twists largely non-existent, The Great Wall succeeds as a visual extravaganza with plenty of adventure, and has been generally well-received by domestic audiences。 Whether it has done enough to differentiate itself and achieve mainstream international success remains to be seen。


Tian Jing, one of the magic actress in China. Since starting her showbiz, she has played many worst movies and won third The Worst Actress at Douban. However, her cooperates is bigger than bigger: Jack Chen, Tom Hiddleston, Matt Damon. Kim Hee Seon only got a supporting role when cooperated with Tian Jing. And she will play Pacific Rim: Maelstrom and Kong: Skull Island. The ugly face and acting skill make many people disgust with her. Just because her background she filmed with top stars and now even let People's daily criticizing these negative evaluation. It is said she is mistress of a man whose last name is Ye, the descendant of Ye j-i-a-n•y-i-n-g. Ye is the Co-founder of PRC. Ye's family is still one of most powerful families in China.



Now it is film time. Director Zhang used huge-crowed strategy throughout the film like opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic. He created a film that Tian Jing succeed educated European hunter and defeat the monsters which make me think the film called "TaoTie" is better. Producers want to attract more international audiences' attention that named The Great Wall that is a blasphemy to The Great Wall.

The Great Wall is released on 16 December in China and 17 February in the US and UK。


Good special effects should service to film rather than just show to audience: look! Chinese can also made good special effects! The divide of contents and special effects is a huge failure of this film. A magnificent Great Wall just dig through by monsters, man you are kidding me! Those awesome monsters just became foolish and stopped after matrix dead, which just like ignore audiences' IQ. Many people seen this film with feeling of Director Zhang, However, it just over-consumption our feeling to Director and Chinese Film Market.


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